Insulated Wall Cladding by Masterwall, Perth



The MasterWall® polystyrene cladding system is a lightweight thermal insulation panel comprising of dense polystyrene with bonded fibreglass reinforced cementitious coating, ready for the application of an advanced polymer modified render system.
Available in variable thicknesses offering thermal values up to R2.7 for the panel only, the MasterWall® system provides envelope insulation over the entire wall system, giving comfort and frame protection like no other wall cladding.

And installing MasterWall® directly to masonry wall types produces a brilliantly performing wall system of insulated thermal mass, reducing your heating and cooling costs. Attention to complete weather-tightness is a considerable part the MasterWall® system, giving assurances to the builder and client. Completed with high quality render finishes from companies such as Dulux, Tubmans and Granosite, the MasterWall® system offers design freedom to suit any style of home, be it modern or traditional.

MasterWall’s materials and procedures make up thoroughly Codemark certified wall systems, giving peace of mind to both builders and buyers alike. Our team has worked in residential projects such as installations in second storey additions in Perth, as well as commercial projects. While MasterWall specialises in lightweight construction walls, imperishability and resilience are undisputable; one of the many reasons why we continue to be a leading provider of architectural wall panels within interior facilities.


MasterWall Brochure

For more information including a summary of performance and product details, refer to the MasterWall brochure.

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MasterWall® polystyrene cladding can be either installed directly either timber/steel frames or masonry. It efficiency is due to its lightweight nature, offering speed of installation, providing quicker lock up over framed houses and reducing construction costs.